We are here for all of your insurance needs.

At Main Street Insurance, we realize how important your automobile is to you. We understand that purchasing automobile insurance can be confusing and we strive to simplify the process. Our insurance management team will guide you through the obstacles to find the coverage you need.

Main Street Insurance offers affordable and competitive automobile insurance rates.


*Antique automobiles
*Recreational Vehicles
*Optional Personal Umbrella or Excess Liability Policy

Home Sweet Home. There is no place like home and at Main Street Insurance, our job is to help you protect your home and assets.
We understand how important your home and belongings are to you. We offer specialized coverage to help protect and restore your valuable assets in the event of a loss.

* Homes
* Other Residences
* Renters
* Condominiums
* Townhomes
* Mobile homes
* Valuable Articles
*Personal Umbrella or Excess Liability Policy

We also provide other unique products, such as:
* Affluent Family Program
* Home Office Program
* Home day Care Program

A major factor in protecting your home or property is making sure these assets are insured to value. Your home should be insured for the current replacement cost not market value. The replacement cost of your home is based on the cost to rebuild your home today with similar quality materials and craftsmanship. Any improvements to your home could affect the current replacement cost.
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