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Top 3 reasons to Install a Security System

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February 15, 2010

Great article by Anna Glendenning at

When I watch the evening news it makes installing a home security system seem like a logical decision. The Top 3 reasons to install a home security system:

Point Protection:

  • Everyone has a different level of need for protection. It's a simply formula of whom, what and where. The basic math is the more "who's" your are responsible to keep safe and the more "what's" you have collected along the way, the more protection you and your family need.
  • There may be times in our lives when we have few possessions and only need to take care of our own personal safety. Protection is a different story when children and other family members depend on you for protection. As life moves forward there tends to be an accumulation of stuff--antiques, art, jewelry, heirlooms and other personal property.
  • It's all about risk management and protection so naturally the more stuff a family has the greater need there is to have a home security system.

Point Crime Target:

  • Do you think the average criminal will target the young couple living in the apartment complex or the homeowner living down the quiet cul-de-sac?
  • That may depend on the kind of neighborhoods everyone lives in. Is it safe to leave the doors unlocked at night, or does every door and window need to be locked at all times? The homeowner may live in a high-crime area, and the couple in the apartments may be crime targets because of involvement in crime. Knowing the neighborhood and understanding the nature of crime in your community may lead some people to decide a security system is a good investment.
  • Maybe your home is in a low-crime area, and you have a sense of security. It's still important to understand there are certain kinds of homes more prone to burglary than others. An apartment on the ground-level is a more likely target than an apartment and the third floor. Thick bushes, trees and plants are a prowler's dream come true, because they offer hiding places. Darkness and unlit streets, driveways and open first floor windows are irresistible to some criminal.
  • We have to decide if our homes invite crime or deter it? The answer to this question may be good reason to have a home security system.

Point Homeowners insurance companies may offer premium discounts for home security systems:

  • Several insurance companies offer premium discounts on homeowners policies when there is a functioning home security system. These discounts vary from one insurer to another and depend on the types of security system installed. Some insurance companies may offer a 5 percent discount for installing dead-bolt locks and a basic burglar alarm. Many insurance companies offer as much as a 20 percent discount for home security systems with monitoring services.
  • The best thing to do is talk with your insurance agent or company and ask about their home security discounts. It may be worth the peach of mind, and cost of installation to install a home security system. If your insurance company doesn't offer a discount it may also be a good time to find one that does.

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